Why Green Tea is Good For Your Brain

If you haven’t already heard, green tea is one of the most healthy drinks that you can have. It is way better than alcohol and other drinks that are actively harming your brain even if they feel good. In this article, you are going to learn how exactly green tea is beneficial for your brain. Most of the time, you’ll realize that green tea is the better choice over just about any sugar filled juice, alcoholic drink, or alternative.

Besides water, there are few things that are as good as green tea for both your brain and body. Here are some reasons:


  • Green tea has L-theanine – this natural amino acid is one of the most important parts of green tea because it helps to promote relaxation and alpha brain waves, which are the most useful for getting high quality work done. If you want to be creative and think of a problem from another angle, this is perfect. It is also a synergistic compound to go with caffeine.
  • Green tea has green tea catechins – If you have never heard of ECGC you are not alone, but it is a chemical compound that is found in green tea. It can help to improve your memory and has a positive effect on many other parts of your brain as well.
  • Caffeine – this is obviously the best chemical that most people use in order to improve their brain function, but usually coffee has a lot. Green tea has just enough caffeine to help stimulate your brain without causing crashes and uncomfortable situations of dependence.

If you keep this in mind when you are ordering your next drink from the coffee shop, you are going to find that you’ll have a much better situation for your brain.