Trends in Brain Sciences

When it comes to the freshest trends in the bioscience industry, there are so many exciting things happening in such a small period that it’s difficult to choose. For many people who are involved with the brain hacking community, there are some things that are more interesting and influential than others. For many people, the trends in the brain sciences include things like nootropics and smart drugs. You can find out more information from this website:¬†¬†Here you’ll find out a lot more information about the subject (as it is an encyclopedia), but there are still some other things we can help you to identify.

In this article, we are going to create a few different options that allow you to better understand how to create the life you desire from the modern brain research being published.

Nootropics and Your Brain

One of the great technologies that we have today is called an EEG machine. This machine is something that uses electromagnetic pulses in order to find out whether nootropics are working in a certain way. There are many people who are resistant to using this kind of machine, but there are already some major insights that we can glean. Some of following drugs are examples:

  • L-Theanine – this is a nootropic drug that is filled with benefits. One of them is alpha brain wave enhancement, which is useful for creative thinking and general cognitive thought. After scientists discovered the benefits of L-theanine, they also decided to look at some of the scientific results (such as EEG) to find those alpha brain waves. Only with this type of device is it possible to get these brain waves.
  • Piracetam – here is another nootropic that has evidence in support of higher cognition. People who are using piracetam for improved memory formation find that it is more encouraging to see the benefits according to an EEG machine. These results make a big difference, which is why piracetam is so often discussed as a potent drug. The piracetam studies show a lot of efficacy and it is through these modern scientific methods.

Besides these two, there are many other nootropics with EEG testing, but piracetam and L-theanine are among the most well-known and recognized.

Quantified Self and Tracking

Another issue within the brain sciences world is that people are able to now track their own habits and cognition in a much better way than they otherwise were able to do. People who are focused on improving their cognitive abilities are using tools like Cambridge Brain Sciences in order to test whether or not they are getting the functional improvements they would like.

This is the simplest of the tracking tools. There are benefits for people who are using FitBit monitors or heart-rate variability monitors as those can have a really significant improvement in cognitive function as well. Most of the people who are using tools like this find that they can enjoy their life better after they have some hard data about the benefits and drawbacks.


Even though we have covered a couple of different topics, just keep in mind there are infinitely more out there. According to some people, the main objectives of modern science are to help keep humans alive longer and allow them to thrive for better periods of time.

We have hopefully given you a few different ideas for ways that you can improve your ability to thrive and make a difference in the world. With these facts and figures, try to take a metered approach and do not go overboard with the early stages. You’ll realize there are plenty of opportunities to improve cognitive function over time.