Most people who are interested in nootropics and cognitive performance are also interested in getting as much location independence and travel as they can. For many people, this translates into going around the world, seeing as many cities as possible, and doing the very best to enjoy everything the world has to offer.

Sometimes it is difficult to justify going to big metropolitan cities, which can be intimidating, cold, and less enjoyable to outsiders. However, there are some cities in the world that are built as metropolitans, but still welcome outsiders and vacationers. Whenever you are planning your holidays, you might want to consider this list.

#1. Dubai, United Arab Emirates – any metropolitan area can be daunting, but when it has the high sky scrapers and size of Dubai, it can seem even more daunting. There are millions of people coming to Dubai from across the world and many of them are recognizing the incredibly fast pace of growth from this small nation. However, for most people, Dubai is one of the simplest places to live. Whenever planning your holidays to Dubai, just consider how easy it might be to travel.

#2. London, England – many people also consider London to be too big a metropolitan area, which is both expensive, dreary, and unappealing. The reality is, the public transportation in this city is better than many other regions of the world and it is such a melting pot of people, everyone can feel at home. Many people within the country aren’t even from England, which means it is a real hub for foreigners and native Londoners as well.

#3. Berlin, Germany – If you would have looked at most of Germany only 70 years ago, you would have said it looked like a destroyed country filled with rubble. After the second world war, Berlin was almost completely obliterated, but that didn’t stop the Germans and their multi-cultural immigrants from rebuilding. The city you can find now is not only large, but also incredibly enjoyable. There is plenty of public transportation that is modern and far exceeds many other cities of the same size.

You may have an idea of where you would like to go, but don’t discount the metropolitan areas. Even if they can feel cold and unwelcoming, many people enjoy them every year and for good reason. They are some of the most exciting cities on earth with┬áplenty of events and a melting pot of ethnicities.