If you watch the popular UFC matches or just about any advertisement for triathlon, you will see two specific types of protein powders that are gaining a lot of traction: hemp and vegan protein. The latter might include things like pea, soy, or other protein sources, but the fact remains that many people are looking towards these alternative sources of protein rather than finding what is best from within.

However, animals are making a comeback within the protein community. There are two types of animal based protein making a really big comeback and in the following article we are going to teach you all about them. As you are going to find out, it’s possible to enjoy some protein that you might otherwise not have spent much time on. Let’s begin…

Protein Sources Making a Comeback

There are a few different protein sources we believe are making a big comeback. Here are the two we are really confident about:

#1. Cricket protein – this is going to revolutionize the way that many people consume protein because it is a really great source for both the individual and the planet. Even though there are some allergen scares regarding the crickets and allergies to shellfish, that doesn’t mean it will not be possible to take full advantage of the entire animal.

In any case, there are many people who are using cricket protein to the fullest potential including the Exo bars you may have seen at local shops.

#2. Non-denatured whey protein – Even though whey protein is nothing new, there are a few iterations that will be helpful for the real health enthusiast. A non-denatured grass fed whey tub┬ácan drastically increase the quality of the protein that you are receiving. At the end of the day, you want to make sure the whey protein is made from a good source or else it might be problematic for you in the long run.

There are few people who would argue that getting any other whey protein is worthwhile. It’s best to make sure that you are taking care of yourself with the fresh protein that comes straight from the source.