Chicken is a great source of lean protein and it is used by both weight lifters and normal people to lose fat and keep muscle. It can often be part of a very healthy lifestyle, but sometimes it is also necessary to make sure you are getting other kinds of food as well. Lean meat like chicken tends to also be cheap, which makes it a favorite amongst a large swath of dieting communities. Instead of getting wrapped up in the hype, try to think of these reasons why you might not want to eat so much.

Reasons to Avoid Chicken Daily

  1. ChickenBody becomes allergic – after a while the human body stops to appreciate the nutrients that it is getting from a certain type of food. If you are constantly giving your body chicken, it will like it less and less as time goes on. It is better to mix it up a little bit and even go on a full protein fast at certain times.
  2. It will get old – once you have overdone eating chicken, it is hard to go back. If your body developers a revulsion to it, then you’ll be in trouble scrambling to find other lean meat options that will make it harder to meet your goals and expectations.
  3. You lack fatty meats – although a lot of dietary advice says to avoid the fatty cuts of meat, in reality it is healthy to eat some every now and then. If you are trying to improve your health a steak or bison burger might be in line because it has a different set of amino acids. Sometimes the amino acids in these red meats are better for building muscle and makes a big difference in your health.

For many people, women especially, the skin is the most important organ in the human body! Not only is it the biggest and most by weight, but it is also the most important when it comes to other people’s perceptions and aesthetic appearance. For many people, getting the right diet is less about how much fat they have and more about what their skin looks like.

It is understandable because food can have a real impact on your skin. In many cases, for example, people struggle with dairy even if they don’t get sick. With dairy, it is often common to have breakouts and skin problems. It is important to make sure that you check and see whether dairy might be the cause. Stop drinking milk and eating cheese for two weeks and see whether that clears up some of your skin problems.

Another culprit is gluten and sugar. Both are inflammatory and can cause you to have other types of breakouts. There are a lot of different reasons why you should be careful with these foods, but in general, your skin can benefit from their absence.

One odd food (or drink) that you might want to look in to for your skin is beer! In moderation, beer is a good drink that can help your skin, nails, and hair. The nutrients that come into the product during the fermentation process will make a big difference in the health of these body parts.

Other than that, you need to make sure that you have enough fruits and vegetables so that all your vitamins and minerals are covered. If you are missing certain minerals and vitamins, you are going to notice that you end up with deficiencies that cause a lot of problems for your skin.

If you haven’t already heard, green tea is one of the most healthy drinks that you can have. It is way better than alcohol and other drinks that are actively harming your brain even if they feel good. In this article, you are going to learn how exactly green tea is beneficial for your brain. Most of the time, you’ll realize that green tea is the better choice over just about any sugar filled juice, alcoholic drink, or alternative.

Besides water, there are few things that are as good as green tea for both your brain and body. Here are some reasons:


  • Green tea has L-theanine – this natural amino acid is one of the most important parts of green tea because it helps to promote relaxation and alpha brain waves, which are the most useful for getting high quality work done. If you want to be creative and think of a problem from another angle, this is perfect. It is also a synergistic compound to go with caffeine.
  • Green tea has green tea catechins – If you have never heard of ECGC you are not alone, but it is a chemical compound that is found in green tea. It can help to improve your memory and has a positive effect on many other parts of your brain as well.
  • Caffeine – this is obviously the best chemical that most people use in order to improve their brain function, but usually coffee has a lot. Green tea has just enough caffeine to help stimulate your brain without causing crashes and uncomfortable situations of dependence.

If you keep this in mind when you are ordering your next drink from the coffee shop, you are going to find that you’ll have a much better situation for your brain.

One thing that most people don’t realize when they go on a diet is that leaving other people to make your food is one of the worst things that you can do. You’ll find that cooking your own food comes with a number of advantages that are minute, but very important. If you are truly dedicated to losing weight and looking your best, these reasons are going to be profound. Not only that, you’ll be able to avoid upset stomach and hurting your body in ways you don’t even realize.

cookingFor one thing, it is important to cook your own food so you know how much of every ingredient is going into the product. This is the only way to track approximately how many calories you are eating, which is a big part of losing weight. If you are not counting and becoming more knowledgeable about the food that you are consuming, it is going to be hard to lose weight.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that many restaurants are trying to get the food to you in the cheapest possible way. That means they are not using the best ingredients and they can have some unhealthy fats and old oils that cause you to have bad experiences.

Overall, knowing what you go into your food is the best way to live in general, but makes even more sense when you are trying to lose weight. When knowledge is power, having control over your food seems to make a lot of sense. Just make sure that you are cooking food that is healthful. If you get a deep frier and start to produce your own french fries and other similar foods, you’re not going to have the best experience!

For people who are not aware, obesity and diabetes are running rampant in the United States and the western world. Most people are unhealthy compared to the total population of our ancestors and there are a few reasons for that.

The number one reasons is because we have not been walking and this is a much needed part of our existence. For thousands of years humans have been walking, but lately there is little to no reason to do so.

Getting Up and Getting Active

All of the things that you do in a typical day add up to a few thousand steps, but it is nothing like the 10,000 steps most people used to get on average. If you are driving around in the United States, you are missing out on a lot of walking opportunities, which can help your health in a number of ways.

  • walking is best medicineWalking improves your brain – not only is walking good for your body, but it is good for your brain. There are studies showing that going for a walk can trigger certain parts of the brain into action that will help you to develop certain brain chemicals that make an important difference.
  • Walking is easy on the joints – even hardcore athletes can benefit from walking because it increases bone density and it is better for the joints than some of the heavy power lifting and other styles of activity that people engage in. You’ll find walking to be a much safer thing for you to enjoy.
  • Walking burns more fat – While you might think that a hard workout where you are sweating and really tired burns the most fat, it is actually running. The intense workout uses glucose for energy but a low intense exercise like walking is going to burn more fat.